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Welcome to the Open Laboratory

Founder’s story

An open laboratory for all.

I always dreamt of having a skincare brand of my own. Growing up in Seoul, skincare was almost part of my culture. I often saw billboards of my favourite actress endorsing a skincare brand. So it was in me, somewhere. And in the year 2018, I moved to Bangalore, in hopes of achieving what I dreamt as a kid.

I am Donghyun Jacob Kim and I introduce you to my brand, Laboshe.
An open laboratory for all.

Indians are already very familiar with the Korean culture. Beauty, especially is one among them too.
But what they might not know is which exact ingredients to use for their skin needs.
Laboshe addresses this issue and brings you, the first in the market to specially curate a transparent skincare to serve the Indian skin needs. After years of research we have handpicked authentic Korean ingredients to bring two cultures together in a much transparent way.

Care beyond beauty

We think, deeply

We are approaching you very carefully.

We sincerely think about it.

Propose a reliable solution.

Only handpicked ingredients that have been produced carefully

We make, clearly

Best ingredients and optimal mix.

Maintain quality stability.

More than 600 global partners including L'Oreal, Johnson & Johnson.

COSMAX, Korea's top beauty R&D production company, Create reliable products with first-rate processes.

Transparent and clear management of all these processes.

Customers can check their questions at any time.

always focus on your life

We move, sincerely

We actively communicate with you.

Co-exist with the local community.

Support women's free will and social rights.

For you, For us

Thinking about "together" across boundaries.

It's for both you and us.

I believe this is the reason for Laboshe's existence.