Why Korean ingredients for Indian skin needs?

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Our skin in general can be categorized into four main types; dry, oily, combination and sensitive. These categories of skin types help us to pick the correct skincare for our skin needs. But is the knowledge of skin types sufficient to achieve the ideal skin goal?

The basic understanding of skin types can be helpful but gets absurd when it comes to ingredients.

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Ingredients of the products are another factor, in which one must have some knowledge about. Only the combination of the correct skin types and product ingredients can result in the ideal skin goal.

This may bring many confusions. One may not have sufficient knowledge and hence may end up with an irritated skin. Of course, a few non-transparent brands or misleading ads can bring more confusion to this than it already is. 

The absolute transparent solution to all such skin related confusions is, Laboshe. Laboshe has everything that one skincare lover has been looking for. It focuses on being a simple and clean skincare brand. It is transparent, giving you all the necessary information with no false claims. It is for everyone, right from the skincare  fanatics to the newbies, there is room for all.

Laboshe, as a transparent skincare brand, focuses on providing the love and care to the Indian skin through manufacturing ideal skincare products using premium quality ingredients to achieve the ideal skin needs. These premium quality ingredients are only sourced from South Korea and manufactured in top rated factories.

The Korean ingredients are simple and non toxic. It is supreme in its nature and is well certified. 

Over the last decade, the trust that the world has gained over k-beauty products is unbeatable. It is always a sweet spot for all the skincare lovers as it can be easily reliable and never fails to form a trend in the global standards of skincare. Laboshe can not only be trusted but also can be relied upon as it produces the best.

Here’s the source of the main ingredients of our first product, Watery Sun Gel SPF 50+ PA+++

Laboshe focuses on the right sourcing method from the reputed institutions. We also believe in showcasing the behind the scenes of our sunscreen to our audience, hence our audience can now easily rely on us, without having to worry about anything.

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