Reasons why your sunscreen isn’t working for you

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Sunscreens are now widely available in almost all forms. But what if your sunscreen isn’t good enough for you or working the opposite way for you. If yes, here are some of the reasons why such problems do arise:

1. You are not using enough sunscreen
Your skin needs enough protection to be on the safer side and to show some results. This has a major effect on your skin tissues which may show results like tanning or sun burns. The simple way is to follow the three finger rule regularly.

2. You are not using a broad spectrum sunscreen
Broad spectrum feature is one of the essential parts of sunscreen. It is very recent that studies have shown the damage done by UVA radiation. Thanks to FDA regulations, it is now safe to say, sunscreens protect the skin from UVA radiations as well, only if the label mentions ‘broad spectrum’. It is nothing but an indication of equal protection from both UVA & UVB rays coming from the sun.

3. You are not reapplying sunscreen on time
All brands have differently formulated sunscreens and there is no accurate time for reapplication. Having said that, the approximate time for reapplication is every two hours. This way it helps the skin to stay protected throughout the day. Studies have shown, not only a reapplication every 2 hours provides a sun protection shield on the skin but also the skin benefits the anti-aging properties as well.

4. You apply sunscreen only on your face
Sunscreens are not only meant for the face but other exposed areas as well. Exposed skin without sun protection means high risk of skin cancer, sun burns and premature ageing. If you are someone who has a habit of applying sunscreens then you have already taken the first steps of precaution.

5. You do not look at the ingredients carefully
Every ingredient present in the sunscreen can affect the skin in multiple ways. This just shows how skin care can vary from person to person. Well, skin care can be subjective so as ingredients present in it. Hence, making sure of which ingredients work for your skin is important.
Pro tip: If using a new product concerns you, always apply it first on your neck and let it absorb for a few seconds to see if it burns or not.

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