Reasons for wearing SPF during winters

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1. Ozone layer depletion

We enjoy the sunlight the most in the winters as it is mild and makes us feel warm in the cold winters. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the morning sunlight but the main problem arises when sunscreen, which is the most essential during winters, is being neglected. 

During the winters, the ozone layer is the thinnest of all. It penetrates the harmful UV rays which increases the UVA and UVB exposures. This is directly related to the skin damage caused by it.


2. Anti-aging properties

The best way to avoid the signs of early ageing is by maintaining a consistency on the use of sunscreen. SPF helps to form protective layers and reduces the damage caused by UV exposure. This further reduces the fine lines around the forehand and wrinkles around the eyes.


3. Reduces the chances of having Skin Cancer

Skin Cancers are one of the most common types of cancer. With excessive tanning, UV exposure, the risk of having Skin Cancer increases to a great percentage.

Like a wise man once said, prevention is always better than cure. A regular usage of sunscreen is a form of prevention towards having this type of cancer.


4. Lack of moisture in the skin

The atmosphere during the winters is mostly dry and less humid. It is also the cold which adds to it. The skin in these weather conditions loses a lot of moisture, hence we suffer from dehydrated skin. Maintaining a skincare routine in such times not only benefits the skin beneath but also helps to lock in the moisture.

Laboshe Watery Sun Gel SPF 50+ PA++++ has got your back. It is an everyday sunscreen for all around the year for several weather conditions. This product not only helps to protect the skin from UV exposure but has Hyaluronic Acid and Cica in it which retains the moisture and helps to keep it locked.

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