Makeup with SPF vs Regular SPF

Posted by Donghyun Kim on

Makeup with higher SPF has become a new thing in the skincare and makeup industry. One can find any makeup item from tinted moisturizer to lip gloss with SPF in it and a few items do have SPF 50 and above in it. 

But an unsolved question arises quite often, ‘does it provide enough sun protection?’, ‘can sunscreens be replaced with such makeup items with SPF?’ ‘Is regular sunscreens really important?’

Here’s what you need to know, makeup with SPF in it can never be enough for the skin. It can never provide an adequate amount of sun protection even indoors. Does it mean you need to discard those makeup items? No, makeup with SPF can only help to elevate the level of sun protection when paired with a regular sunscreen in higher SPF, applied underneath the makeup. The regular sunscreen along with the makeup with SPF will not only give enough protection but also longevity.

However, this does not give a green signal to layer two makeup items with SPF. This will only give the skin a higher coverage but not enough sun protection. The main idea behind makeup with SPF is only to give some USP compared to the other makeup items, this does not make the product any different or any better.

The main concern here is sun protection with benefits. The best way to take care of such concerns is to opt for sunscreens with sun food in it, to give the exposed skin the full sun protection and a healthy glow.

Laboshe Watery Sun Gel SPF 50 PA++++ gives the best sun protection without any harmful ingredients. It has skin food like Hyaluronic Acid and Centella Asiatica that feeds the skin with goodness and gives out a healthy glow.

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