Ingredients to avoid in a sunscreen

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Sunscreens can be a total game changer. Especially at this time, when sunscreens are more easily accessible and more used. With the increase in the number of usage, the number of concerns also increases and ingredients being one of them.

Here are toxic ingredients at a brief:

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This is a toxic ingredient which is commonly present in other chemical sunscreens. It goes deep into the skin and affects the bloodstream and circulates toxicity in the body.

This ingredient is also at times termed as, ‘UV filter with high toxicity level’. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has also rated this ingredient as the most toxic one among all.

It is commonly found in products with SPF like makeup powders, lip balms etc. This ingredient is useless till other chemicals combined helps it to stabilize. This way the skin is left vulnerable and hence, harmful sun rays penetrates into the skin in a much easier way.

Another commonly found ingredient in any SPF products. But this one is unsafe with a higher concentration present in one single product.

This ingredient has a high chance of breaking down to develop into an unsafe chemical known as benzophenone. Exposure to this may increase the risk of cancer.

A harmful chemical which allows the skin to absorb and restore the UV rays.

Also known as, Benzophenone-8. Dioxybenzone can impede the development of endocrines.

It has the capacity to generate extremely reactive molecules known as free radicals.

This ingredient is under FDA review and is currently banned in Europe and Japan. To top it up, Meradimate is possibly dangerous to both people and the environment.

It is a common sunscreen component, which is dangerous if applied regularly in a higher amount. It is a by-product of PABA- para aminobenzoic acid.

Like Dioxybenzone, Sulisobenzone can also disturb the production of endocrine. It can cause irritation around the eyes as well.

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