FAQs On Sunscreen

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Why do we need sunscreens daily?
We require sunscreen every morning whether it is sunny or windy outside. Protection from the sun is absolutely essential. This is the best way to prevent skin damage and most importantly skin cancer. Not only sun protection but also protection from the harmful blue light coming from TV, laptop screens, is also essential.

What is SPF PA ++++?
The SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is a measure of a product's level of protection against sunburn. Sunscreens with SPF numbers help us to know the longevity of the sunscreen. A sunscreen with SPF 15 will provide the same level of protection like a sunscreen with SPF 50 but the sunscreens with SPF 15 or lesser will require a frequent reapplication comparatively. However, it is always advisable to reapply any sunscreens every two hours.

PA + indicates a measure of protection from UVA

For eg:
PA+ : Below moderate

PA++ : Moderate

PA+++ : High

PA++++ : Extremely high

What are the types of sunscreen available to us?
To simplify this, there are mainly three types of sunscreens - Chemical, Mineral and Organic. Disclaimer: these are just types of sunscreens. The purpose of all of these types are the same - to protect against the harmful rays of the sun.

Chemical Sunscreen- absorbs the rays into a chemical reaction to convert it into harmless energy and release it out of the body.

Mineral Sunscreen- forms a mirror like protective shield on top of the skin to reflect back the rays of the sun.

Organic Sunscreen- Similar to Mineral Sunscreens but made with more organic ingredients.

What are the other measures of sun protection?
Always remember to:
  • carry an umbrella, cap or sunscreen glasses.
  • wear full sleeves, in order to avoid sun burns.
  • have a proper morning skincare routine with SPF included.
  • get some shade, it is always helpful.
Do sunscreens have an expiry date?
Yes, they do.
Always remember to look at the Manufacturing Date and Expiry Date.

Pro tip: Do a patch test on the neck, before applying on the face.

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