EWG verification and what does this mean?

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EWG is the Environmental Working Group, which is an American nonprofit organization that helps consumers find the best verified product in the market. With several misleading claims in the market, it gets difficult for any consumer to choose the right and safe products for them and their families, especially when it comes to toxic ingredients, which is often found in the market. 

EWG stands for verifying the best and safest products to its trusted audience. The verification program is where companies can apply for a seal of approval, so that consumers can quickly make informed decisions about products they buy.

It is essential to look for and believe in EWG verification as it only focuses on a single goal of delivering the truth and nothing to its audience.

At Laboshe, we believe in extreme transparency in our ingredients list. None of our ingredients are on the ‘blacklist’ of EWG, hence it is pure, healthy and non-toxic.

Let’s look at the relation between EWG and skincare:

The ingredients used in skincare products are rated under the EWG verification hazard score. Each ingredient is rated according to a score of 1 to 10, 1 being the least hazard, EWG friendly and 10 being the highest in the hazard score. EWG analyses each product's individual ingredient hazards and compares it to the other products in the Skin Deep database to determine its overall score. Both metrics favor the safest products, which have a fair or higher data availability rating and a low hazard rating.

(Source: Chemists Corner shorturl.at/fhkWY )

At Laboshe, we focus on meeting the top EWG friendly ingredients and remain a hazard free, transparent brand. We take pride in meeting the high standards of the EWG and promise to always deliver the best to our customers.

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