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‘You don’t require a SPF when it’s not sunny’, ‘Sunscreens are a must have only when you step outside’, the list of myths is a never ending one. But are there people believing in such baseless myths? The answer is YES.
We at Laboshe present to you, all along the year sunscreen, Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Watery Sun Gel SPF 50+ PA++++
Laboshe believes in breaking such myths and presenting the transparent truth about skincare.

Sunscreen is not just a skincare product but a lifestyle. It is the only way to protect ourselves from the harmful UVA and UVB rays coming from the sun. Most often sunscreens are not prioritized much, of course, the myths play a great influential role in bringing sunscreens to the back seat. 
It is that bubble which acts like a shield to give you the ultimate care from the sun, throughout the year.

But why do you need one, throughout the year?
Sun protection is a fundamental step that needs to be taken all along the year. 
Human minds believe in associating the need of sunscreen with the appearance of the sunlight. During the falls/winters the strength of the sunlight goes way beyond compared to the summers which indicates a decline in the need of sunscreens. 
With proven results, we can safely conclude this debate with a statement that we all require sunscreen all throughout the year, because no matter how light or strong the rays are, it is  harmful, at the end of the day. 
The ozone layer, that we studied at school, is depleting till date and does not do enough justice in protecting us from the harmful rays. No matter how hot or cold it is, summer or winter, these are some facts which will always remain the same and hence a sun protection throughout the year is a smarter move.

Why do we recommend the Laboshe Watery Sun Gel SPF 50+ PA++++?
It is one of a kind. The watery creamy texture of the sunscreen gets absorbed within no time and leaves no white cast or residues. With the two finger rule of sunscreen application, the skin is in a bubble shield that gives complete protection until the next reapply. The Hyaluronic Acid in it forms a moisture layer that goes deep within the skin tissues and repairs the damaged skin caused by the sun rays. 
The advanced light weight formulation, made with premium Korean ingredients, is for all skin types and for all seasons. So regardless, apply and reapply sunscreen everyday!

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