4 alarming reasons why sunscreen is anti-ageing

Sunscreens are the best and the only skincare product that provides protection from the harmful radiations of the sun, prevents skin cancer and sunburn. Besides the many benefits that a sunscreen provides, the absolute and unaware benefit is, sunscreen acts as an anti-ageing agent. With no gatekeeping, let’s look why:

  1. The exposed skin receives an ample amount of UV radiations which leads to an  inflammatory reaction on the skin. This reaction damages the outermost layer of the skin. The damaged skin is further exposed to the UV radiations and the process repeats. This eventually results in premature ageing of the skin due to the continuous exposure of the harmful rays.

  2. Sunscreens which have ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Centella Asiatica, helps to provide hydration to very exposed tissue and calm the skin at the same time. This reduces the formation of premature ageing and instead acts like an anti-ageing agent.

  3. The harmful UV rays damage the outermost layer of the skin which leads to a breakdown of the collagen production in the skin and gives an appearance of dryness to the skin. Reduction of collagen production may lead to multiple skin concerns and one of them is ageing.

  4. It is always best to use sunscreen for anti- ageing as sunscreens are safe for all skin types and all ages. The earlier one starts wearing sunscreen the better sun protected the skin will be. Rather than using ingredients such as Retinol or Retinoid, that may harm the skin barrier.
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